Remember Us - DUST 1947

Augst 17th, 1947 - and so, we fled.



The plot advances

Now that London has fallen, the CLIO Valkyrie operatives find themselves fleeing Britain themselves. After navigating the back-roads for several hours and disguising themselves as civilians, they eventually met the rapidly encroaching armies of the AXIS on the field already beginning to setup blockades into major cities. Turning around, they drew attention to themselves and were quietly followed for several miles by an AXIS duo. When the operatives made it 2mi. away from their next town they heard the motorcycle rear up. Taking cover and setting up an ambush point, the two Wehrmacht soldiers were shredded under fire with the 30 cal. totting enemy getting shot clear in the face.
They collected the ammo, cigarettes and matches and completed the rest of their journey without issue. Eventually, they convinced a 110’ Subchaser ship to let them stow abroad and hitch a ride back to Belfast, Ireland where Churchill kept the Allies safe and kept the war-front at a further standstill. With Churchill still defending, the AXIS faces a fearsome foe if they want to complete their take over; one that may take months and months of attrition and war. On the way there they radioed in back to their reporting commander, Dr. Carter who was more than excited to hear their voices once again.

Once in Belfast, the crew gathered up and made some discoveries of their own with the extracted artifact. They determined that the Copper Scroll was a piece of inventory cataloging artifacts that were coming Jerusalem. The Ark was not listed there because Dr. Carter determined it had already been accounted for within Temple Mount, which means that the Templars really did have access to the Ark of the Covenant. The copper scroll was marked in 586 BC and the Templars within the 13th Century; thus providing all the proof she needed that it had at least been there. However, the gap of time was too great and thus Dr. Carter broke some dire news to them. That unfortunately, cases like this are never funded due to the magnitude of the time gap. There would be no way to further prove the Ark’s existence from 586 on to the 13th Century and as it was never found it she was out of leads to where to go next…except for one.

Dr. Carter spoke a bit of her Father, stating that he was consumed in research at the time of his death. He was enamored with the Templars and history. She broke down, said he was a poor father and let her and her mother live in poverty to pay his way through his radical discoveries. He was marked as a madman or a lunatic within the discoverers community and branched out on his own. She later received a letter that he had died suddenly while looking for Noah’s Ark from a collection of poems indicating it may be with Iranian territories further south east than Ararat. Her father made arrangement with a man that on his return, he would pick up his next lead; a 13th century piece of literature that may hold some minor clues for another excursion he had planned on leaving for if the Ark lead was pointless. With her father gone, the piece was never claimed..until she recently made contact with him. She said she would be collecting a debt and sending some CLIO operatives.
Upon arrival in Jerusalem, Valkryie found themselves in a bit of a tiff with the man. He insisted he sold the map, but could give them the address. After some back and forth they determined there were some men hiding in the backrooms of the mans shop; the Sons of Belial. A fight and deaths occurred and some fled. The operatives lost them and took shelter in a watering house and spent a few hours pouring over the document. Together, they discovered a veiled rime over the canvas that washed away with a bit of heat and lime juice! The medieval map was in fact, a letter to a Jaques of the Knights Templar from a person signed “W.E”. The letter was obviously towards the end of the Templar’s final days. The writer apologized for the downfall, and that the deal they had would be kept in tact to move the Ark of the Covenant to Chateau de Montsegur in France. This was translated by an old war buddy; Achmed? Akmed? of Mkkouelelu.

And so ends Session 2, but lays out the next events for the start of Session 2 where you will need to head to France and see what dwells within the old 13th Century Castle!

Misc. Thoughts.

Every one is doing a solid job in Rping. The pulp/discovery feeling of this game has kept you guys “alive” and has helped a lot with the way you guys have been RPing.

Jessy – bring some life to your character beyond her smarts, start to round her off as a person through actions and she’ll be great. I feel like Blaise is in a weird spot. She’s beautiful and smart, can use a gun, etc but you only speak up when the ‘smart’ parts come into play. Bring more elements in to fill the other gaps and round her off and again; she will start to paint together nicely in everyone’s minds.

Laurie – Your father issues and bullheadedness when it comes to elements of your backstory and stuff is starting to peak through a bit. I like it; its adding great flavor but be warned: don’t let that bleed into obsession. Keep it grounded. Use it as the salt and pepper of your character, not your entirety. Also do your accent. Just don’t let your backstory shit consume your life and let it flow organically. Remember, we picked the campaign for adventure and discovery not for everyone to watch you tragically get consumed in your spy past. I will always add those elements for you and let them trickle in again, organically, but if you keep chasing them in RP it may be the end of Mrs. Hayes. ;)

Geran – My advice to you if to keep up with the accent; it brings your char to life a lot. Same advice to you from Jess; start bringing him to life now that we’re piecing things together in the story. You’re a soldier, but soldiers like things. Ignore your character. You’re not “medicus” you’re not “gizmoteer/armor”. You’re a man who had or has hobbies. You were brought to this war for reasons, did you want to go? did it take awhile to feel the love of the battlefield or the hatred of it? Try talking to yourself as your char, or in interview structure. “So what brought you to these parts?” “Damn…guess i aint never though about it..i guess i’d hafta say..” etc etc.

Ernesto – you need to work on your guy. You stuck out like a sore thumb and had no place to go. You were threatening people who didnt need to be threatened, strong arming your way into situations that were being taken care of gently. The scene in the hallway where you let the guy go was the highlight of your character in a good way, plus the hiding sniper issue was very cool. But you need to bring a voice or expertise to your character for non combat situations. You started the game off sayin basically," My character doesn’t give a fuck about discoveries or history!. He doesn’t give a fuck about anything but his crew." Also, remember this is the 40’s, not Compton. Don’t Compton everyone that you meet. I know you said Sarah is helping you and i know you’re shot on time, but you can severely derail scenes if you don’t understand or know your character. Remember; you’re playing with other people and they dont want to have to pick up your RP messes for you every single scene. It gets tiring. Piecing together a character in 3 seconds doesn’t work in this world; its not D&D. Please IM me anytime when you can work on this. Soldier types are the easiest to bring to life, you can even hate Germans or Nazi’s and murder them viciously if you have a great way to approach it in RP.

- Over all, I’d say we had a pretty great session. I may have gone a bit overboard with some of the scenes and should have jumped you back into the actions or time jumps etc but the RP was solid. Everyone RP’d solid with some hiccups here and there and everyone I think earned a fair bit of IP. I will work on the way we do melee / unarmed combat moving forward and add it to our quick sheet, as well as refine some of the rulings and add some stuff for Action Points if i stop being busy at work. Additionally, I hope that I am explaining the story will and not leaving in plot holes. Please ask me questions if there is anything I have not covered. The web i’m weaving is a bit thick and more complex than I am used to doing, so I need feedback critically. Thanks!


The accent is hard to keep up :D.

Man, I’ve been a soldier for 9 years. I joined before the war started. Sure, there was some rumblings out in Europe, but that didn’t mean anything to us…

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