London will fall.

We knew it would happen eventually, but that doesn’t make it any easier to see our Allies die.

We walked a fine line during negotiations, but technology seems to have triumphed over parlay in this day and age.

So here we are. Men and women of the new world, cast into the furnace of war and discovery. From the coasts of America, to the ancient towns nestled in the Middle East; war has arrived in the form of advanced technology where nightmares have literally come to life. Advances in bio-engineering and military progress have brought sentience to gorilla’s, formulas to make the dead walk again and even literal stride to the tanks of war.

What we do now, in this hour, is bleed as countrymen. With the Allies being drawn into war due to petty squabbles, we have put a strain on our land that will be echoed across the history books for time immemorial. The strain comes from the communists, from the back alley deals that sink ships or the smell of cigarettes and sex of the intricate web of spies. We stand together, here, on this day and this day forward opposed to those who stand against us. We will not cower, we will not falter nor sink, or perish; we will strive. We will fight.

Where does that leave you operative? Hopefully, near none of that if that is where your assignment takes you.


You belong to an organization called ASOCOM. Collectively, a group of our Allied finest with several branches that mark the engine that spins the turbine of intelligence and war for us. In your branch, CLIO, your job is to seek out and discover the forgotten or the lost. You are adventurers on paper, professionals when needed, but above all else – clandestine in your activities. Your progress, along with others, will bring advances that will keep the Allies safe on the war front and at home. Your job is to scour the archives, be smarter than the opposition, and set aside the trivial many. You will step forward, beyond the veil of war to obtain artifacts that may or may not lead to VK. Remember; history is just as important as our technology advancements. What does not lead to VK must be preserved for the great good of culture and humanity.

Your paperwork has been cleared, and you have officially been filed as missing in action or Special Operations. No one will be looking for you, nor do they care. Unfortunately, you have been hand picked for thousands of cases. Not everyone can do this, not everyone wants to; that’s why we drafted you. Pick up the tears and move out soldier. You have been given 1 month of leave to say your goodbyes as its very likely you may never return.

Take this telegram. You are to be summoned to Corpus Cristi, TX. Your assignment will begin there.

Remember Us - DUST 1947

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